mint is loved.

And, in short, here's why:

Recent testimonials

Raylene Demeester

“I recommend Sarah Schiess to anyone. She put in the extra effort in ensuring we got the house we wanted. Very professional and friendly.”

Mitzi Holloway Billard

“This lady Char Weightman is amazing! Puts the needs of her clients first all the time, every time. Highly recommended.”

David & Alexis

“You were the perfect broker for us, Barb! Thanks for making this so exciting for both Alexis and I. We really appreciate everything that you have done for us.”

mintventures (it’s a thing)


A magical place where some very special folks receive perks.

Rolling in the Dough

“What’s RITD?” It’s a sweet & slightly famous Canada-wide giveaway contest.

friendlii pop-up shops

A cup of your fave java & your mortgage questions answered. Go for a lil’ taste.